Paying the Price at the Pump

Materials Needed

Mom & Dad, can I borrow the car?” …Imagine that you are a teenager and you just got your driver’s license. You would like to borrow the car so that you and a friend can go see a movie together. Your Mom and Dad let you have the car for the evening under one condition… You fill it up with gasoline on the way home. With gas prices climbing, can you afford to fill the car up with gas and go to a movie too? How much is this evening going to cost you?

The activities throughout this WebQuest will challenge you to perform several tasks that lead to a greater understanding of different automobiles, the amount of gasoline they use, and the impacts that the car you choose to drive has on nature, the economy and your wallet. You will be working to locate background information on some of the items above. Then you will create your own spreadsheet that will figure out gallons of gasoline used and the cost of that gasoline. Finally, you will create a Prezi presentation to inform others of what you have learned.

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