Algebra I Skill Builders

Materials Needed

This packet includes 60 Algebra I Skill Building sheets (answer key included). The sheets can be used to reinforce basic skills taught in Algebra I.

I use these skill builders as warm-ups during 2nd semester of Algebra I. Students are given 5 minutes to complete the skill builder, after checking their answers, students then ask about the questions they answered incorrectly. It usually takes about 10 minutes total.

Skill Include
-Write algebraic expressions from verbal expressions and vise versa
-Order of operations
-Properties of numbers
-Distributive property
-Solve equations with one or two variables
-Writing equations
-Solving one-step equations
-Solving multi-step equations
-Solving equations with variables on each side
-Ratios and proportions
-Graphing linear equations
-Solving linear eqautions by graphing
-Rate of change and slope
-Direct variations
-Graphing equations in slope-intercept
-Writing equations in slope intercept
-Writing equations in point slope
-Parallel and perpendicular lines

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