Save the Constitution

Materials Needed

The year is 1788; the location is the 13 Colonies. We have finished celebrating but our work is not done. As you all know, our Constitution was written by the great men we all call The Framers. We have lived through all their arguments and compromises. But, because some delegates did not approve of the Constitution at first, it had to be reworked. It was necessary to protect the rights of the people and to make sure there is a balance of power in our new government. As a result, changes were made and finally the Constitution is law! But, word is out among the colonies that not all the citizens of the United States know about these changes and are becoming upset.

You have been nominated by the Founding Fathers to prevent a great disaster from occurring. Your assignment is so important that the fate of the United States Government is in your hands. You will:

1. Determine what the Government does for its citizens.
2. Inform the angry citizens about the 3 Branches of Government by researching and writing a guide to the 3 Branches of Government

The information you provide will determine how successful a guide you have produced.

If you are successful, then the people will want to keep our Constitution. Remember what happened to England when these same people were angry! Good luck, we are all counting on you!

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